We are living in 2020 now but still complexion matters to many peoples. If someone saw a dark colored person, they makes fun of him/her at that time they doesn't notice his/her inner side, the beauty of his/her heart.


Its not just a word it's a feeling of Joy and Happiness even this word Happy can make smile on someone's face.

Love V/S Parents

Love V/S Parents Whom to choose 🤔? Who should choose one in love and parents? This question comes in everyone's mind, but can't we choose both?Yes, we can choose, why not, both the relationship matters to us, so we should take both of them together.Sometimes parents do not understand that they feel that they have... Continue Reading →


What money 💸meant to you?Someone said 'It's everything to me, my life depends on money without money, I am nothing".Can you relate with this answer, from my point of view, this answer isn' t perfect. People run after money like it can buy them everything but they can only buy things from money but not... Continue Reading →

Do Loving Yourself Is Bad?

Someone told me it's selfish to just love yourself & not others and to do always what you like, like our parents if we don't fulfil there dreams and listening to ours, we are getting selfish..If someone ask me personally on what's my point of view regarding this, I will simply tell them 'If we... Continue Reading →

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