Smartphone a short film on addiction: Film Review

Suman moved with her husband Chandan to Mumbai, Chandan works in multinational company and has many friend or we can say gambler friends. Suman doesn't like his habit of gambling at all but being all 'Desi Bahu' she can't stop him. One day Chandan gift Suman a smartphone and Suman started learning how to use it with the help of Vicky, Chandan's freind.

Book Review: Unwanted Mrs Young by Rainaangel

Unwanted Mrs Young story based on Stella and Albert, Stella lives with her Granfather in Bromley, a small village with simplicity. Albert is a heir of Citigroup Company and a billionaire.

Animals Too Have Right To Live

Today in Kerala, India, an elephant who was pregnant get killed by some inhumane people who give her pineapple filled with firecrackers and which killed her as well as her baby..Do these people ever know that it took Eighteen months for an elephant to carry a baby and they trust humans but what they get... Continue Reading →

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