Book Review: Give Your Heart A Break by Anuj Tiwari

Give Your Heart A Break by Anuj Tiwari, one of my favourite Indian author and bestseller author of novel ‘Journey Of Two Hearts’. He writes books on real stories which makes his novels wonderful and some novel based on his personal life and families.

Book Review: You, my Punishment by Sssilentscreamsss

Sahra Ali a heart broken girl, no one loves her nor even her parents and suddenly fix her marriage with Aneel Osman. The marriage is just a formality nothing else. Sahra follow her religion and Aneel was opposite, he hate it because of his past.

Smartphone a short film on addiction: Film Review

Suman moved with her husband Chandan to Mumbai, Chandan works in multinational company and has many friend or we can say gambler friends. Suman doesn’t like his habit of gambling at all but being all ‘Desi Bahu’ she can’t stop him. One day Chandan gift Suman a smartphone and Suman started learning how to use it with the help of Vicky, Chandan’s freind.

A Muslim Tale|Royal7|Book Review

A Muslim Tale is a novel written by Royal7 on Wattpad, this novel received 2 million plus reads on Wattpad. The story is about Amira and Amir belongs from a Muslim family and get arranged by their parents wishes. Amira is a practising muslim and always seems to a child with her look and Amir… Continue Reading →


What money đŸ’¸meant to you? Someone said ‘It’s everything to me, my life depends on money without money, I am nothing”. Can you relate with this answer, from my point of view, this answer isn’ t perfect. People run after money like it can buy them everything but they can only buy things from money… Continue Reading →

Animal Farm by George Orwell |Book Review

Animal Farm is a novel written by George Orwell, was an English Novelist in 19th century. Animal Farm is one of his notable work, published in August 17, 1945. Animal Farm is a story based on Political satire, where animals of Manor Farm rebel against their master Mr. Jones to be free & happy. Manor… Continue Reading →

The Fall Of A Drama Queen by Neilani Alejandrino : Book Review

Emerald being a daughter of a billionaire always believe that she’s a princess and will be a queen in future. She always has the crush on his brother’s Zion best friend ‘Harry’ but Harry breaks her heart because for him Emerald was a drama queen. Emerald hearts break into two and she changed herself fully into a mature person.

Book Review: Yours Forcefully & Yours Faithfully by Lonely Lover

Maisie’s parents are dead and she lives with her aunt, she doesn’t like Maisie at all and get her to do all the household work.When Lucifer sees Maisie for the first time, he started liking her and decides to make her his. Maisie’s aunt assumes Lucifer’s offer because she owes a lot to Lucifer and get Maisie and Lucifer married.

Book Review: When She Left by Blue

When She Left is a novel written by Wattpad writer Blue. This story related to Divorce which teaches us the importance of relationships. It is wrong to reach any conclusion without talking and clearing all the misunderstanding, it is clearly shown in this story. When Rachel went to his husband’s office to tell him about… Continue Reading →

Present vs Future

Past will never come back and Future is yet to come then why think for Future, we never know what will happen next even within an hour..Present is something which we are living right now so enjoy because within a second it will become a past which will never return to us..There are movies on… Continue Reading →

Book Review: His love by Ayesha

His Love is a muslim story written by Ayesha on Wattpad. The main characters of this story are Ayesha, a simple girl and Uzair, a mafia leader. Ayesha was getting married when Uzair arrives and kills her future husband and ask Ayesha’s brother to marry her. Ayesha did not want to get married to the… Continue Reading →


Once, the Mughal emperor Akbar asked Birbal to write something on the wall, that if he read in happiness, then there is sorrow and if he reads in grief, then be happy..Birbal then wrote on the wall that “this time will also pass”..This message teach us to that everything will pass away, nothing can stay… Continue Reading →


We never know, if we will born again, it’s now and never. So do something that people remember you, even after you leave the world.

Book Review: Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves

Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves is one of the tale from One Thousand and One Nights. It is also similar to the one of the story from Arabian Nights, which is favorite of children. Alia Baba And The Forty Thieves is a story of a man named Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter, his brother… Continue Reading →


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