Book Review: You, my Punishment by Sssilentscreamsss

Sahra Ali a heart broken girl, no one loves her nor even her parents and suddenly fix her marriage with Aneel Osman. The marriage is just a formality nothing else. Sahra follow her religion and Aneel was opposite, he hate it because of his past.

A Muslim Tale|Royal7|Book Review

A Muslim Tale is a novel written by Royal7 on Wattpad, this novel received 2 million plus reads on Wattpad. The story is about Amira and Amir belongs from a Muslim family and get arranged by their parents wishes. Amira is a practising muslim and always seems to a child with her look and Amir... Continue Reading →

Book Review: New Girl in the House by Star_That_Shines

'New Girl in the House' by @kj_story_teller third book in New Girl Series on Wattpad. Noor, a cheerful girl but her life is also not easy, her parents fix her wedding but the boy was already in a relationship and cheating on her. During this, her cousin saved her life while himself getting married to her. Their... Continue Reading →

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