Mutual Fund Transactions

Transactions held in Mutual Funds:- KYC (Know Your Customer) Redemption (Withdrawal) FullyPartiallyPartially Unit Wise Switch " Held between same company" STP (SYSTEMATIC TRANSFER PLAN) SWP (SYSTEMATIC WITHDRAWAL PLAN) Purchase SIP (SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN) SIP Cancellation Addition Purchase Existing SIP BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) or NSE(National Stock Exchange) form for online transaction

Book Review: Running Into Mr. Billionaire by Raneem Hasan

Running Into Mr Billionaire, a novel written by FreedomHasan aka Raneem Hasan on Wattpad. The book gains 44.6 million reads and 1.2 million votes on Wattpad. Two heartbroken souls get to unite and heal each other. How you deal with your life when you get beaten daily, get raped, starve for food and no one... Continue Reading →

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