Book Review: I Miss You Love by Chandra Kant Jaisansaria

I Miss You Love, a romantic horror fiction by Chandra Kant Jaisansaria, a bestselling author of 'It's Still Complicated'. The author's imagination is amazing, he plots a scene where five friends Samaira, Shivanya, Aaryan, Kartik and Saurabh, went on a trip to explore Mcleodganj. Aaryan and Saurabh were always told by their parents never to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl

Lamb to the Slaughter, a short story written by Roald Dahl, was a British novelist, a short story writer and a fighter pilot. He was one of the famous classic writers during 90s. Dahl wrote 48 books in total. Lamb to the Slaughter, was a mysterious and suspicious story. Mary Maloney, a happy woman and... Continue Reading →

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